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Stones In The Garden

 Move over George Orwell (“1984” - Radical Socialism) and Salmon Rushdie (The Satanic Verses’ - Radical Islam): Gregory Thomas Jeffers’ Stones in the Garden, the mind-blowing follow-up to Seven Years of Famine, takes on Radical Feminism—and takes no prisoners. Once a bullet is fired from a gun it has no friends. Stones in the Garden is an incoming nuclear missile. The only question now—is the fallout.

An unflinching examination of the politics of deviance, sexuality, and love; the beauty that passion plays in providing humanity with a path to the future, and; the role that the emotion of "disgust" plays in people who would prefer to see Mankind perish rather than endure the challenges of family and children. 

There is no un-ringing the bell. The battle lines are clear. The message from Stones in the Garden: The strategy of shame and censorship to further Feminist authoritarianism must be met and destroyed. Your family line and the future of Western civilization hang in the balance.

"Those who breed, succeed. The cultures who do not will lose their seat at life's table. We are all one generation away from oblivion."

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Seven Years of Famine

One of the most original story-lines produced in many years. This is not the typical “me too” disaster novel. You will not be able to put this book down! An extraordinary tale of grace in the midst of disaster, survival in the face of death, and the triumph of love and family over hate and politics. The author’s lifelong ambition was to write the great American novel—and he might have just done it. 

Buckle up. “Seven Years of Famine” is going to rock your world. 

“There was no need to belabor the truth. Every survivor grappled with despair in his or her most private moments. All had lost family and friends. All recognized that it was nothing more than luck that stood between them and the abyss. But here they held. Bringing new life into the world by the passions of the flesh, from the soil by the sweat of their brow, and by bending the toiling beasts of Creation to their will. They knew what it was to feel hunger, to shiver in the cold, and to fall asleep before they could lay their head down. They looked to the future, to the growing season and the harvest, and the birth of their children. The crisis would pass. They would endure. Life, precious life, would go on.”

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Duress & Desire

Duress & Desire is the touching story of new love and murder, patriotism and treason, and honor and deception at the height of the Cold War. 

Two people enjoying the thrill of new love, and from opposite ends of the earth, are brought together by providence and chance in a foreign land—America. He is the Chief-of-Staff at the Chile Embassy and a scion of an aristocratic Santiago family. She is a beautiful young woman from a peasant family living near the Arctic Circle in the north of the Soviet Union who has been recruited by the Soviet Union’s intelligence agency, the KGB, to work for the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C. After a chance meeting, they fall in love and thrill to the buoyant surge of new passion, but forces beyond their control have drawn them into the orbit of an international conspiracy and incident from which there is no escape. The stakes are high, and after the Cuban Revolution and subsequent Cuban Missile Crisis Washington cannot afford and will not permit Socialism or Communism to gain a foothold on the South American continent via Chile. The CIA does what it must to keep the region in Washington’s locus, but circumstances and political realities are tenuous at best. Events that have been set in motion seem to have a way of killing some and rewarding others with no consideration of right and wrong or conduct fair or partial.


Chile, a small country hugging the western cone of the South America continent, teeters on the brink of disaster and despotism. 

The Army of Chile, led by General Augusto Pinochet, has routed the government in an attack on the presidential palace, La Moneda, and the democratically elected president, Socialist Salvador Allende, dies during the coup—ostensibly by his own hand. Members of Allende’s PU party are rounded up and arrested. People begin to “disappear.” Others are killed by Chile’s “Secret Police,” the feared DINA, in individual assassination plots across Latin America and Europe. 

The powerful players in this drama will prevail with the use of torture and murder while others must pick their way carefully through a terrain of lies and deceit. Destiny had these lovers, the nation of Chile, and the adversarial nuclear powers of the Soviet Union and the United States in its sights. Chile and much of Latin America would stagger under the weight of history. A weight that would bring these lovers the highest highs—and the lowest lows.

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Prosperous Homesteading


Gregory T. Jeffers had always wanted to grow his own food and live off of the land. He did a great deal of research and bought a homestead in rural Tennessee. After three years, he nearly failed after finding that all of the books on homesteading were written by people with vivid imaginations but little practical experience and no long-term success in this manner of living. 

And then he got lucky. 

His good fortune arrived in the form of an Old Order Mennonite family who lived in a 100 family community that eschewed all modern conveniences. No running water or indoor plumbing, no electricity, and no small engines of any kind—and they were thriving. The Mennonite family took the Jeffers family under their wing and patiently explained and displayed the economic strategies that led to their success.

“Prosperous Homesteading” chronicles the Jeffers family’s experience in learning to live a contented life very much different from the one most Americans tend to imagine.


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